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New Opportunity: American Gothic

American Goth: Goth, punk, emo, scene, alternative; all of these groups evoke a similar image: dark clothing, dark makeup, a general “f*ck you” attitude towards society and “the man”. However, there’s a little bit more to these underground scenes. Overall, they’re a rejection of mainstream, a direct recoil from the flower power hippie movement of the 1970s. They reject the optimism of the “we’re all a big family” narrative because they recognized that, under the current systems in place, change can’t be made with mindless complacency. These subgenres, evolving out of 1970s punk rock as time wore on, provided a mode of expression for the social outcast or the minorities that are usually forgotten when everyone holds hands for peace and love. These genres realize that change can’t be made without being a little dark, a little scary, and really cool.
Here at Folx, we embrace the offbeat and underground. A lot of us, after all, spent our middle school years rummaging around Hot Topic to perfect our own emo, goth, or punk looks. We also recognize that in Louisville, Kentucky— our hometown— there was a huge punk scene in the 1970s that still impacts our music scene today. So, we invite you to bring your underground scene art to our doorstep. Show us something that rejects the mainstream, that’s a little dark and spooky. Send us the art that parents wouldn’t understand. We want to see your art, music, film, writing, etc. that illustrates the community found outside of the mainstream, and the importance of sticking it to the man


See submission instructions here

Submissions open August 1st 2021 – October 1st 2021

More details to come!

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