Submission Instructions

Each artist should follow these instructions when sending their work. Failure to do so will inhibit their chances of being picked.

How many works should I send in?

Every artist is only able to send in 3 individual pieces of work. All works are considered. (Paintings, podcasts, poems, dancing, music, short stories, digital media, etc.)

* For creative writing or literary works, you are able to send in a short work of fiction up to 20 pgs., a 10 minute play or 1-6 poems.

Submitting Artwork

Folx gallery will only accept high resolution images/files to be considered for the virtual exhibition. The Gallery will retain the submitted works of accepted media and reserves the right to use the media in publications and gallery publicity. Beyond such use, the artist retains full copyright of exhibited work. All artworks must be sent to our email :

File naming

Email Subject line: Exhibition Name/ Artist First and Last name (Ex: Homegrown/ Joe Schmoe)

All files (regardless of media) must be named with the artist’s last name (period) first Name (period) followed by the number of entry. Ex: (Schmoe.Joe.1, Schmoe.Joe.2, Schmoe.Joe.3) You may also include as many detail images under each artwork submitted. Detail files should be named as followed (Schmoe. Joe. 1. Detail.1, Schmoe. Joe.1.Detail. 2, Schmoe. Joe.1.Detail.3)

Following the image/file must contain

  • Title of the work
  • Media type (ex: video, audio, painting etc.)
  • Dimensions (Size of the painting, length of the audio)
  • Year it was created
  • Brief description of the artwork
  • Information for DETAIL IMAGES should NOT be included in the email.

*All audio or video files must send a link or downloadable file.

*If you have any trouble or questions about submitting your work please email us!*

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